Why Virtual Meetings?

Why Virtual Meetings?

Traditional planes, trains and automobiles trade missions are outdated… even with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why?  Because international travel is expensive, the time away from the office impedes business activities,  meetings are often set-up by matchmakers to fulfill contractual obligations rather than what’s right for your company.

We coordinate cost-effective preliminary virtual  trade and investment attraction C-Level meetings.   Our pre-qualified meetings with potential buyers, strategic partners, and new suppliers will save you time and money.

Your  virtual meeting will enable you to  make introductions and discover if the international lead is the right fit for you. 

We  organize virtual meetings for:

  • trade and export
  • investment attraction
  • sourcing new suppliers 

The markets we serve are Canada, the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean,  South and Central America,  Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, South Korea and China.

Let us make the introductions for your company. We also work with  industry associations, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and government trade and investment departments.