Lead Generation Types

Lead Generation Types

Via our global network of partners, we will make strategic introductions to key influencers, corporations, SMEs, academia, and site selectors.  With all our projects, we add value with follow-up services and we can also supply in-market representation.

5 levels of service:

  •  Individual company, we will organize one meeting if all that’s required, or more.  We will tailor the experience to  your needs.

  • Trade and business development inward and outbound missions.   We will organize C-level meetings for more than one company,  and include  export mentoring and  a presentation on doing business in that market and follow-up activities.

  • Buyers, category and supply chain managers,  we can source products and services and arrange a virtual “Dog and Pony” show.  

  • For companies reviewing options to relocate or to open a new office in another country and/or city/region,  we can arrange presentations from  Regional Development Authorities (RDAs), economic development organizations (EDOs) and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and government investment managers. 

  • For governments wishing to attract companies to open an office or manufacturing plant in their community,  we can also arrange pre-qualified foreign direct investment (FDI) meetings.

What Markets?

Our international expert consultants are located in Canada, USA, Mexico, Caribbean, South and Central America,  Western and Eastern Europe and China.